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Mythbusters: FTC Used Car Rule May 2018
Factory Audits – What Can You Do? April 2018
Common Sense Prevails April 2018
The #MeToo Movement and Pay Plans April 2018
Advertising: Spot the Problem – Answers March 2018
Advertising: Spot the Problem – Questions March 2018
Service Members Civil Relief Act March 2018
More Franchise Myths February 2018
Don’t Let CFPB Fumbles Affect Your Compliance Efforts February 2018
18 Thoughts for 2018 January 2018
Discrimination and Harassment – A Refresher January 2018
Cyber Crimes: Why You Should be Very Afraid November 2017
Congress Kills CFPB Arbitration Rule November 2017
Franchisors are Becoming More Aggressive; What about You? October 2017
New Information from the FTC on the Used Car Rule October 2017
New GM Policy and Why it is Important for All Dealers September 2017
Beware Flood Damaged Vehicles September 2017
Controlled Change August 2017
Arbitration Update August 2017
Used Car Buyers Guide: Dealer Warranty Means Just That July 2017
CFPB Issues Final Rule Banning Class Action Waivers in Arbitration July 2017
FTC Bears Its Teeth April 2017
Address the Causes of Personnel Claims April 2017
The Revised FTC Used Car Rule is Now in Effect April 2017
Spot Delivery – Quiz Answers March 2017
Spot Delivery – A Quick Quiz March 2017
CFPB Wins Battle, But will it win the war? March 2017
Labor Law Developments February 2017
Marketing Through Calls and Texts February 2017
Make Sure You Are Using Licensed Software February 2017
17 Thoughts for 2017 January 2017
Buyer’s Order in a Lease Deal? November 2016
What Dealerships Can Learn from Wikileaks November 2016
New Vehicle Modifications October 2016
Hidden Triggers September 2016
Indemnification Under Indirect Finance and Lease Agreements August 2016
Congress Adds Weights to Government Agency Handlers August 2016
EEOC: How is Your Anti – Harassment Training Going? July 2016
The Supreme Court May Have to Decide July 2016
Don’t Get Stuck with a Long Term Supplier Contract May 2016
 Still Filling the Federal Bucket List  April 2016
Recall QuestionsAnswers April 2016
Filling that Federal Bucket List March 2016
Data Protection March 2016
Recall Developments March 2016
FTC Gets Involved in Recallmania February 2016
EEOC Proposes Requiring Employee Pay Reports February 2016
DOL Takes the Joint Employer Theory to the Next Step February 2016
16 Thoughts for 2016 January 2016
Arbitration for Employees December 2015
Be Careful: That Unusual Request for a Credit App May Be Legitimate December 2015
Exporter Sues to Challenge Non-Export Requirements December 2015
Protect the Dealership from Losses November 2015
CFPB’s Proposal to Ban Arbitration Waivers October 2015
Have a Man-Made Disaster Plan October 2015
U.S. DOJ Guidelines on Individual Accountability and What They Mean for Car Dealers October 2015
Are you EMV Compliant? September 2015
NLRB Joint Employer Decision September 2015
Independent Contractor or Employee? September 2015
Limiting F&I Income August 2015
Federal Government Update August 2015
Manufacturer Construction Deadlines July 2015
Terminate an Employee for Coarse Language? Not if you Tolerate it in the Workplace! July 2015
The FTC’s Shot Across the Bow April 2015
The Importance of Information Safeguards April 2015
Do I need to Pay Overtime to my Service Advisors? April 2015
Employment Law: Deal with Problems Directly March 2015
Is Your Dealership Complying with Copyright Laws? March 2015
Update on Motor Vehicle Dealer Board – Advertising Compliance February 2015
The Importance of a Succession Plan February 2015
 The Power of Never  December 2014
 Suppliers and Your Data December 2014
Reporting Severe Injuries to OSHA December 2014
TIME and Ally Financial Honor Newport News Dealer November 2014
The CFPB and You November 2014
Reporting a Suspicious Cash Transaction November 2014
Retaking a Spotted Vehicle November 2014
Myths: Supplier Contracts October 2014
Purchaser’s On-Line Systems Filing Fee October 2014
NLRB: Be Careful When Disciplining Employees for “Disloyalty” September 2014
NHTSA’s Recall Information Site September 2014
Joint Employer Liability: What it Means for Auto Dealers and Their Franchisors September 2014
Right of First Refusal and Buyer’s Expenses September 2014
The AAA’s Consumer Clause Registry August 2014
FTC Buyers Guide: How Well do you Know the Requirements? – Answers August 2014
FTC Buyers Guide: How Well do you Know the Requirements? August 2014
Telecommuting as an ADA Accommodation August 2014
Electronic Signatures July 2014
Cash Reporting Compliance: Have a System July 2014
ERISA Compliance is not an option…it is the Law July 2014
Third Party Harassment July 2014
Avoid Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Liability June 2014
Compensation for Grounded New Vehicles June 2014
Government Short Cuts June 2014
Fair Labor Standards Act Enforcement May 2014
Third Party Lead Providers May 2014
FTC Advertising Offensive Continues April 2014
Dealing With False Online Reviews April 2014
Be Careful with Claimant’s Attorneys March 2014
Adopt a Fair Credit Compliance Policy March 2014
14 for ’14 February 2014
Compliance: Who is in charge? January 2014
FCC Makes Important Changes to TCPA Rules November 2013
KPA Alert: Isocynates, Supplied Air & OSHA October 2013
Sweepstakes Promotions September 2013
How is your Money Laundering Policy? September 2013
Airbag Deployment is Treatment July 2013
Dealer Processing Fee on Exercise of a Lease Purchase Option July 2013
Distracted Driving: Don’t be a Statistic June 2013
Get Ready for Tax Changes on July 1st June 2013
Compliance Triage June 2013
How to Handle New Vehicle Damage May 2013
Preapproval of Dealership Changes in Virginia May 2013
Short Cuts May 2013
The Dealerships Real Estate Lease May 2013
Selling a Car on eBay April 2013
Downpayments April 2013
The Blind Leading the Sighted April 2013
Shortcuts March 2013
Credit card surcharges March 2013
Trust But Verify March 2013
Lucky 13 in ’13 February 2013
Advertising and the Feds January 2013
Government Shortcuts January 2013
Regulatory Updates January 2013
Health Care Reform Update 2013 January 2013
Team VADA 2013 January 2013
Beware of Flood Vehicles December 2012
2012 Estate and Gift Tax Planning December 2012
Who Is Signing Those Resigns December 2012
Dust Off Those Safeguards & Red Flags December 2012
DealerTrack Meets with Dealers December 2012
An Open Letter to VADA Members November 2012
DealerTrack Helps Ohio Dealer Nab Nationally Wanted ID Thief November 2012
Getting to Know Benson Marsh November 2012
What to Do About Counterfeit Airbags November 2012
Automotive Symposium for Dealers, CFOs & Controllers, Nov. 14 November 2012
How to Handle a Cybersquatter November 2012
Uncommon Sense: A Quiz November 2012
Mike Suttle: Virginia’s 2013 TIME Quality Dealer of the Year Award Nominee November 2012
Are You Insured for an Accurate Number of Dealer Tags? October 2012
A “Doc Fee” by Any Other Name… October 2012
Successor Addendum: What Are You Waiting For? October 2012
How to Prevent Cash Reporting Penalties & Money Laundering October 2012
Utilizing eBay Motors to Increase Profits October 2012
How Cybersquatting Impacts Your Dealership October 2012
Local Dealers Donate CPR Training Devices to Grottoes Rescue Squad October 2012
VADA Partners With DealerTrack Effective Aug. 1 September 2012
Laser Printer Required for DMV’s New Weather-Resistant Temporary Tags September 2012
Where Are Your Dead Deal Credit Applications? September 2012
The Legal Implications of Requiring User Names & Passwords to Personal Accounts September 2012
Dexter Dealer & His Wife Wilma Can Have Their Estate Planning Cake & Eat It, Too September 2012
Don’t Delay in Demanding Arbitration September 2012
Team VADA Wins Numerous APL Awards September 2012
NADCF Offers Road Safety Grants September 2012
FTC Looking at Safeguards Compliance August 2012
Why They Leave & How to Keep Them August 2012
Make the Case Against Flat Fees August 2012
Performance Evaluation Traps August 2012
Dueling Dealers August 2012
Supplier Agreements – Indemnity Provisions July 2012
Physical Protection of Your Dealership Data July 2012
Accord and Satisfaction July 2012
Protect Your Right to Spot Deliver June 2012
Franchise Law June 2012
Hiring Winning Talent June 2012
Healthcare Costs Jump for American Families in 2012 June 2012
Sesco Information Report – April – May 2012
May 2012
Generation Gap May Cause Workplace Conflicts May 2012
FTC to Dealers: Pay Us a Penalty May 2012
Census Results May Affect your RMA May 2012
Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know: Part 2 May 2012
Backdating: Often a Management Issue May 2012
Employment Laws Every Manager Should Know: Pt 1 April 2012
Know Your Customer April 2012
Bank Fees March 2012
Seal Your Information Leaks March 2012
Manufacturer’s Audit Completed: Now What Do You Do? February 2012
Manufacturer Construction Deadlines
February 2012
Supplier Contracts: Why Choice of Law, Venue and Jurisdiction Matter February 2012
Thomas Moorehead to lead NAMAD February 2012
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You! January 2012
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2011 January 2012
12 for ’12 January 2012
The FTC: The Beast Is Stirring (especially on web ads!) December 2011
Are You Inspecting Your Used Cars? December 2011
The Importance Of Keeping Old Insurance Polices December 2011
Mythbusters: Used Car Warranties November 2011
The Other Shoe Drops November 2011
When The DOL Shows Up Unannounced November 2011
NLRB Requirement … UPDATED! November 2011
Employees Are Liable For Torts October 2011
Credit Cards: Read Your Agreements! October 2011
Primary Market Area Notices: How To Respond September 2011
RBP & AA Notices: The Confusion September 2011
Required Healthcare Disclosure September 2011
FAQ: What do I do?  August 2011
Federally Mandated Form Updates  August 2011
Workplace Wellness Programs  August 2011 
HOV Exemption Extended July 2011
July 2011 
Changes In Abandoned Vehicle Laws June 2011 
Class Actions: What are they & what to do about them June 2011 
Information Safeguards Sometimes Overlooked June 2011 
Dept. of Labor Changes Position on Service Writers May 2011 
Developing A Social Media Policy May 2011 
Curse of the Cat People April 2011 
What the Government Doesn’t Know April 2011
11 For ’11 : 11 Areas For Attention in 2011 March 2011
A TILA Primer March 2011 
DMV Update: License Plate Frames March 2011 
Dealer Certified Pre-owned Cars February 2011 
Inventory Management Best Practices February 2011 
Risk Based Pricing Rule Compliance January 2011 
Employment Law: A Wage & Hours Checklist January 2011 
Promissory Notes: Will Your Form Get You In Trouble? January 2011