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New Vehicle Registration Reports

New vehicle sales registration and dealership rankings are provided by VADA partner Cross-Sell. (As of September 2023, VADA no longer produces or distributes these reports).

Cross-Sell is an industry leader in automotive market data and reporting, and their system is far more advanced and provides greater details and data than VADA is able to produce on our own.

Cross-Sell provides a free trial month to all VADA dealer members of the company's premium product, Cross-Sell Interactive. The tool allows you to drill down geographically into your local market at a zip code level and create custom areas to monitor specific trends that you care about “on demand” within 24 hours of the data being delivered by the DMV. This tool also allows historical trend analysis so you can see your performance versus your market.

To sign up:

Visit VADA's dedicated page on the Cross-Sell website to chat with a dedicated representative.
Call: 800-369-5870

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VADA will maintain new vehicle data from September 2023 back on this page.

VADA New Vehicle Registration Reports

Registrations By Locality

PLEASE NOTE: DMV allows freeform text entry their system in the vehicle make field. As a result, some registrations may be misidentified and require editing. Cross-Sell has no control of the data entered by DMV and we provide it as received so that you can process it as you choose. The editing choice is based on your chosen statistical methodology (for example, you may choose to simply exclude non-existent “makes” or combine them into a single “Unidentified” field, etc.).
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2023 Annual Summary - Cars2023 Annual Summary - Trucks
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2022 Annual Summary - Cars2022 Annual Summary - Trucks
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