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Capitol Briefs: Buy/Sell Bill Update

VADA’s Buy/Sell bills are close to the Governor’s desk. You can find other legislative updates here, too.

A Refresher Quiz for 2024

This Quiz is to refresh dealers on everyday scenarios that impact a dealership’s business. February 19, 2024 By Barrie Charapp BeatyCharapp & Weiss, This Quiz is to refresh dealers on everyday scenarios that impact

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CARS Rule: Additional Advertising Requirements

Advertising is an easy target for the FTC. February 19, 2024 By Barrie Charapp Beaty Charapp & Weiss, LLP As we mention in the Answers to the Refresher Quiz, advertising is an easy target

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Will a Southwest Virginia auto dealer be West Virginia’s next Governor?

An interview with auto dealer Chris Miller, candidate for West Virginia governor. His dealer group owns a store in Southwest Virginia.

Capitol Briefs, Week 5

Buy/Sell bills moving forward as safety inspection program gets discussion.

Capitol Briefs, Week 4

Buy/Sell bills moving forward as safety inspection program gets discussion.

DMV update: More accountability, more online transactions, with eyes to the cloud

The Virginia DMV Commissioner spoke to dealers this week, offering his vision for the agency and an update on its operations.

Twenty-Four for ’24

Dealers have always persevered to overcome adversity, and 2024 will not be any different.  Here are twenty-four issues to which you should give attention in 24.

Time to Evaluate Corporate Compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act

Starting January 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) will go into effect.

The FTC has Issued a Consent Order on Every Dealer

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, much to the disappointment of those in the automotive industry, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued what it calls the Combating Auto Retail Scams Trade Regulation Rule, but most dealers know it to be the “Vehicle Shopping Rule”.

A look at where we’ll be in 2024

VADA’s president and CEO offers a preview of the issues we’re monitoring for the coming year.

Report: Virginia dealers contribute $1.77 billion to state tax base

A new study highlights the impact of the Commonwealth’s retail automotive industry.

Issue Monitor: Amazon and Hyundai’s sales and data partnership

An initial look and analysis of the Hyundai-Amazon partnership, and what it means for dealers.

We’re Sounding the Alarm on Add-ons… Again

If dealers are not taking the warnings about add-ons seriously, the FTC’s settlement with a Wisconsin dealer should give them pause.

Beware of the NLRB’s Expanded Joint-Employer Rule

The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) issued its final rule on the standard for determining joint-employer status under the National Labor Relations Act (“Act”).

Dealers Selling EVs must Register with the IRS Portal

Retailers offering both new and pre-owned Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) must sign up with the IRS.

Virginia’s elections and outlook for dealers

The elections are over, and like any year, Virginia dealers remain strongly positioned.

With elections over, dealers have an obligation: Educate and support.

Don Hall discusses the importance of reaching across the aisle and taking a bi-partisan approach to ensuring our elected officials understand the ideals and values of the franchise system.

Six Characteristics of the Modern Automotive Worker

A profile of this economy’s most in-demand employees — the automotive worker — and why we’re all struggling to find and retain them

Proceed with Caution when Charging Doc Fees on Lease Buyouts

Dealers need to pump the brakes when applying the typical doc fee to the back end of vehicle lease transactions, especially those transactions where customers simply exercise the purchase option at the end of their lease term.