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DOL Proposes Rule to Increase Pay for White Collar Workers

A proposed federal rule seeks to raise the annual salary threshold for employees who are exempt from overtime pay due to administrative, executive, professional, and outside sales professional exemptions pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). What does this proposed rule mean for dealers?

How Dealers Should Prepare for DOL’s Proposed $55K New Overtime Rule Threshold

With DOL’s proposed “white collar” overtime exemption designation, our partners at SESCO Management Consultants outline the steps dealers should – and should not – take to prepare for the final ruling.

The PAC is the way Virginia dealers lead from the front

Don Hall discusses the importance of the upcoming November elections and highlights a few of those dealers who have already stepped up to support pro-business, pro-dealer candidates.

The Federal issues impacting Virginia dealers — for better or worse

The VADA team attended NADA’s annual Washington Conference, learning about the federal issues that could impact Virginia’s franchised auto dealers. Find them all here, complete with detailed issue papers.

6 Dealers on Virginia Business Power List 500

Six of Virginia’s leading auto dealers were named to Virginia Business magazine’s Virginia 500 Power List for 2023. See them here.

Get new insights on dealer operations

VADA partner Armatus Dealer Uplift’s new S.W.A.T. can help dealers improve their customer-pay parts and labor rates, which in turn translates into higher warranty rates. Here’s more.

5 ways accurate Trade-in Prices Drive your Dealership

Your ability to accurately assess and offer trade-in prices for customers’ vehicles will significantly impact your business’s growth by helping you to foster trust, boost customer satisfaction, and ultimately break free from the packIncorporate these 5 tactics from our partners at ACV Auctions.

Is the Entire Dealership Handling Recalls?

For years, dealers have dealt with recalls. It is critical that your dealership understands what is needed of it and to take the best precautions for it and its customers when it comes to recalls.

Pregnancy Act Regulations

Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) which went into effect on June 27, 2023, requires reasonable accommodations during pregnancy and after unless the accommodation will cause an undue hardship on your business.

Virginia auto dealers partner with FreeWire for EV charging

VADA announces a new partnership to bring ultrafast, battery-integrated EV charging stations to Virginia’s auto dealers while minimizing impact to the electrical grid.

OSHA Actively Monitoring for Heat Stress

As OSHA has intensified its focus on heat stress prevention at dealerships, VADA partner ComplyAuto Safety can be your ally in achieving compliance and safeguarding your workforce against scrutiny.

FCC Updates TCPA Rules For Residential Landlines

July 31, 2023 By Barrie Charapp Beaty Over the years, we have written various articles about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and which of the TCPA rules affect dealers. This article provides important rule changes

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FTC Focuses On Advertising….Again

July 31, 2023 By Barrie Charapp Beaty We have been writing for months about the FTC’s focus on advertising. We write again about advertising because the FTC just updated “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and

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Consent-by-Registration — What Does it Mean for Your Business

July 31, 2023 By Barrie Charapp Beaty Regardless of which state your company is formed, it may be, and is often the case, that it is also registered to do business in other states as a foreign

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Fresh off his first 100 days in the role, new Virginia DMV Commissioner Gerald Lackey, Ph.D. sits down with VADA for a wide-ranging interview. Meet him in our High Octane podcast.

Investing in your team

A winning strategy for your people and your dealership VADA Partner content provided by Zurich, N.A. For more on their F&I programs, contact Cindy Conley Ratkovich. July 2023 Investing in employee growth and learning can

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A man all-in for the great american auto dealer

A Special Message from VADA President and CEO Don Hall July 2023 A few weeks ago, my friend Mike Charapp called me and stated quite directly: “Don, I’m going to die.” I was taken back

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Dealers are all-in on EVs. Is the U.S.?

EVs face major hurdles to mass adoption. Last week, the NADA sent a letter to the EPA outlining the need for regulations and moves to ensure affordability, charging infrastructure, utility capacity, battery manufacturing resources, and model availability.

Primary impacts on Virginia dealers

After last week’s primary, we have our first look at how the state’s auto dealers may fare come November.

Franchise Renewal Agreements

June 28, 2023 By Barrie Charapp Beaty Despite years of preaching on the subject, we still have dealers tell us they must sign their franchise renewal agreements before expiration of the existing agreements (known as

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