Technologies, Techs, Tariffs: The VADA ’24 Expert Panel

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June 28, 2024

This month in South Carolina, we brought our convention attendees four of retail automotive's leading minds — and now we bring them to the masses.

Here's the podcast of our expert panel featuring John Altman of Beyer Auto Group; Liza Borches, former VADA chair and fourth-generation leader of Carter Myers Automotive; and automotive analyst and auto tech investor Steve Greenfield. It's all moderated by Dealer Merchant Services' Amberly Allen.

The post-COVID automotive industry faces challenges and opportunities, including embracing change, adapting to new consumer preferences, and investing in resilient business models. They talk the potential of AI, the significance of culture and employee engagement, and the importance of adapting to changing customer preferences. They also highlighted concerns about margin compression, technician shortages, and the impact of government changes and tariffs.

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