Political Action Committee

Burke O'Malley
PAC Chair
Mazda Subaru Winchester

Your support of the Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Political Action Committee is vitally important.  The hallmarks of a strong and successful PAC are wide financial participation and the ability to muster those participants to show up when the association needs to impress legislators with the number of members who care about an issue. Each year, our support of Virginia state legislators allows us to count them as ‘friends’ – friends we need to defend our livelihood.

VADA has a great opportunity to reinforce our message and demonstrate our value with Virginia’s new leaders now in place. With March Madness just around the corner, its important VADA doesn’t drop the ball with our PAC development!

The partnerships with the manufacturers we represent are possible because of the equalizing effect of the franchise protections we enjoy in Virginia and we need to bring all our voices through our association to Richmond to make certain our positions are protected and strengthened.

A Special Thank You to Our 2018 Governor's Club Members

Andy Budd
Bruce Farrell
Cameron Johnson
Charles Obaugh
Christopher Lindsay
Dave Perno
David Nolan
Del Mugford
Dennis Ellmer
Edward Snyder
Edward Snyder
Elizabeth Myers Borches
Eric Obaugh
Frank Pearson
Gary Minter
Geoffrey Malloy
George Liu
Henry Ayer, III
Jeffrey Abel, Jr.
John Burchell, Jr.
Jonathan Pittman
Mark Tysinger
Michael Bennett
Michael Suttle, III
Richard Fewell
Ross Luck
Stanley Gallaer, Jr.
Stephen Adams
Thomas Barton, III
Thomas Bates
Vincent Sheehy, IV
William Baker
William Hayes
William J. Farrell
William Shepherd, Jr.