A Message From Don Hall



Voting on November 3 is more than your Constitutional right. As Americans, and in appreciation for the many who fought for generations to protect that fundamental right, voting is also your responsibility.

Certainly, the pandemic has shifted the voting experience, but many people are able to vote early this year – and, indeed, many have already cast their ballots. Whether you’re drawn to the polls to vote in the presidential or your Congressional election, you need to understand what the candidates stand for in their platforms. Of course, VADA will never tell you how or for whom to vote, but we respectfully encourage you to choose candidates who will best advocate for things that are important in your life, including your business.

I will never understand the large numbers of people, even here in Virginia, who don’t take the time to make their voice heard. As employers with both small and large dealerships across the Commonwealth, you have an opportunity to support your people in voting. We encourage you to give your employees time off to vote, whether they choose to vote early or on November 3, and celebrate this cherished hallmark of democracy.

Your Voice Drives Our Future

VADA has an impressive national reputation for our successful history of working with state legislators to influence the General Assembly to act in ways that are pro-dealer and pro-business. We do this for you, and we can’t do it without you.

We believe that every dealer has an obligation to support our Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Political Action Committee. No one likes to talk about money and politics, but candidates need these dollars to fund their campaigns and support their staffs while they are running for office. Members of the General Assembly make less than $20,000 per year for their service, which in our contemporary era now requires about six months of their time.

Your future depends on whom is elected to office, as they’ll be the ones who ultimately vote on laws that dictate how you operate your business. Visit our PAC page to learn more about making our political voice heard, and make a financial commitment. It’s an easy process, whether you choose to enter your credit card information on the spot or send a check.

We Must Carry the Tradition

Looking back over my more than 30 years leading VADA, I’m concerned about a growing trend of dealers doing less on the legislative front. Fewer of our members are proactively reaching out to our elected leaders to engage on important matters concerning how our industry operates in Virginia. In fact, I’m very concerned by the number of individuals who own or hold senior positions in dealerships who can’t name their House of Delegates member or Senator.

That’s not a good state of affairs.

As an association, we want to remind you that your previous generation knew their local legislators and invested time to develop relationships. Why? These are the people that are impacting your life and livelihood. They have the potential to do harm to your business if we don’t advocate for who and what we are.

As I’ve shared repeatedly in recent years, the General Assembly today is very different from what I have historically worked with. Certainly, many legislators on both sides of the aisle – Republicans and Democrats alike – will go out of their way to protect you and your right to grow your business and to serve your customers. We need to make sure that you know who they are.

While, right now, we are focused on the national votes we’ll cast in early November, we’ll quickly turn our attention to the 2021 election, where Virginians will decide their next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and state Delegates. We also will be visiting with our current elected leaders in advance of the 2021 General Assembly, as we identify developing issues and legislation where your voice must be heard. Again, we can’t succeed without you.

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