2024 Honorary Dialers


Dan Banister

Banister Automotive


David Dillon

Southern Team Automall


Chris Lindsay

Lindsay Automotive


Carter Myers

Carter Myers Automotive


Mike Suttle

Suttle Motors



Successes in Recent Years

  • Broad relief from the Paycheck Protection Program – NADA played a critical role supporting franchised dealers – including those in my home state of Virginia – before, during and after the establishment of the Paycheck Protection Program. It did so with actionable information to help us make sense of it all. There were tons of resources, and their team fiercely advocated on our behalf – all to ensure PPPP was tailored as much as possible to meet the needs of our industry.
  • Dealer-specific exemption from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – This was a huge win for franchised dealers because it provided relief from onerous regulations. That means we could focus on what we do best – selling and servicing your vehicle without rules and regulations that, frankly, applied to financial institutions. This exemption not only protected us, but it also recognized our unique economic role and impact.
  • Full Deductibility of Floorplan Interest – Floorplan loans are a vital part of dealership operations and give us the ability to deduct 100 percent of interest from taxable income. NADA’s advocacy team successfully stopped what would have been a plunge in that percentage ‑ in effect, preserving operations as we know it for dealers.
  • No Tax Increases in Inflation Reduction Act – Were made possible by NADA advocacy efforts to prevent tax hikes on franchised dealers – who are also small business owners in communities of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, NADA used it as an opportunity to remind the federal government that their policies need to support small business growth and stability.

Challenges Ahead

  • Overreaching FTC Vehicle Shopping Rule – It’s fighting to prevent more unnecessary burdens on franchised dealers. Take the “Vehicle Shopping Rule,” for example. NADA is taking the FTC to court to halt a regulation that – among other things – contains extreme, duplicative penalties.
  • Future of State Dealer Franchise Laws – The franchise system in its current form needs to be preserved. The latest threat is the FTC’s CARS Rule. It’s burdensome and the commission has failed to justify why changes are necessary to our trusted way of life. NADA is challenging it legally. It’s also playing some offense too – supporting federal legislation to prevent the FTC from implementing, or enforcing, this ill-conceived rule.
  • So Called “Right to Repair” – We’re against it. Why? Because it raises serious vehicle privacy, security and safety issues for consumers. Advocates claim that independent automotive repair shops do not have access to the parts or data necessary to repair vehicles. That’s wrong. This concern was rectified years ago, and today the information independent shops need to repair vehicles is readily available from every auto and truck manufacturer.