A new Data Partner: Cross-Sell

October 1, 2023

After many years of VADA providing subscription vehicle registration data to Virginia dealers, we have changed the way we provide this information going forward.

Cross-Sell, which publishes the “Cross-Sell Report," has provided new and used vehicle registration data reporting to thousands of dealers across the country since 1989. They've worked with Virginia dealers since 1998. Dealerships both small and large use Cross-Sell vehicle data to determine the top-selling makes, models, and segments within their market using interactive heat mapping tools, zip code breakdowns, and dealer summaries.

Over the past few years, Cross-Sell not only has developed the ability to instantly email reports after the data is processed each month, but also created an online interface that allows dealers to analyze, filter, print and download the specific data or reports that you need.

As of September 1, VADA no longer produces these reports and instead directs all registration report inquiries to Cross-Sell.

  • To ease the transition, Cross-Sell is offering a free trial month to all VADA dealer members of its premium product, Cross-Sell Interactive.
  • The tool allows you to drill down geographically into your local market at a ZIP code level and create custom areas to monitor specific trends that you care about — on demand, within 24 hours of the data being delivered by the DMV.
  • This tool also allows historical trend analysis so you can see your performance versus your market.

Cross-Sell is also offering a 10% discount for any VADA dealer members that sign-up for a 12 month subscription before October 31st, 2023.

For more information, visit VADA's dedicated page to chat with a dedicated representative.
Email: info@cross-sell.com
Call: 800-369-5870