Dealertrack: Protect revenue by eliminating costs

September 2022


Even the most routine vehicle sale requires the completion and submission of numerous forms. Postage and shipping charges to get the right documents into the hands of lenders and DMVs add up fast. And then there’s the hidden expenses of copier ink, toner, and purchasing and maintaining printers, copiers, and fax machines. The fact is dealerships that still use paper-based processes could be shelling out an average of $599 a month or over $7,000 every year to handle and ship paper documents.

The threat of a recession still looms while tight vehicle supply, record prices and historically low incentives
are limiting sales according to Cox Automotive’s recent auto weekly report from Jonathan Smoke. Given these challenges, dealerships are searching for ways to reduce unnecessary costs such as the shipping and handling expenses associated with paper-based processes.

You can see meaningful expense savings month after month when you transform your paper trail into an electronic process where documents are completed and submitted online. Use tools available in the industry such as Dealertrack to eliminate manual registration and title processes and the costs that go along with them.