Partner Profile: Dealertrack

Get your trade-in titles faster with Dealertrack's Accelerated Title service

Dealertrack is a VADA Program Partner. These are businesses with a product or service offering of interest to member dealers. If you are interested in becoming a Program Partner, contact Steve Hoffman.

You might think waiting weeks to get a trade-in vehicle’s title is simply the cost of doing business, but there’s a better road to quicker profits.

VADA Program Partner Dealertrack offers a faster and more accurate title release process that can put the title at your fingertips up to 70 percent faster, cutting your wait time to days instead of weeks.1

With Dealertrack’s streamlined Accelerated Title service, you receive the title in as fast as 4-6 days, unlike the meandering traditional method that can take three times as long.

Getting your trade-in titles offers larger profits because you can quickly resell your trade-ins and lower your holding costs.

Accelerated Title nearly doubles the chances your trade-in will sell at auction on its first pass,2 and it allows you to access full title details before accepting a trade, so you don’t have to deal with payoff surprises like incorrect addresses or undisclosed co-lienholders on the trade-in.

Key lenders in Virginia participate in Accelerated Title and your dealership can as well. For more information, visit Dealertrack’s microsite dedicated to dealers. You can also call Dealertrack at 855-439-9415 or email them at

1Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by 2020 Dealertrack data.

22018 (1.6X) Manheim Articles "Impact of Delayed Titles at Auction"