Pandemic Update: May 7

May 7, 2021

Easing COVID restrictions at dealerships? Not so fast.

You may have seen news reports about Governor Northam’s plans for easing restrictions in Virginia. The Governor said he hopes to be able to lift restrictions on public gatherings and social distancing by June 15, if the vaccination rates continue to increase and the virus levels decrease. He plans to follow CDC guidance on face masks.
But what about workplace safety measures for Virginia businesses? Well, that involves a few more steps.
The Governor announced the likely end of the "state of emergency" on June 30. Once the state of emergency expires, the Safety and Health Codes Board has 14 days to set a meeting to determine if the workplace safety measures are still needed. We would expect, and we will urge, the Board to repeal the rules.
Until then, you should continue the measures you have in place to comply with the standards.