Handle Document Management with a Pro

Even with major advances with greater digital transaction volumes, dealerships still produce a lot of paperwork in the process of selling and buying vehicles. They also have volumes of resources to archive to meet insurance and regulatory standards.

Depending on the size of the dealership, shredding and disposing of unneeded documents and storing others can be almost a full-time job.

That’s where Commonwealth Document Management comes in, as an Allied Member of VADA.

“We are a full-service document management company. Our primary service offering is on-site, document shredding, which we do for several dealers, and we also have a secure, off-site record center where we keep paper copy documents and boxes for various businesses, from healthcare organizations to banks,” said Rob Giannini, chief executive officer of Commonwealth Document Management. “Businesses generate a large volume of records. Regulations mandate them retaining these records for specific intervals, but they don’t have a physical place to store those documents.”

A growing portion of the business is scanning documents to create digital copies that don’t require the storage footprint. The company can also destroy hard drives to industry standards. Commonwealth Document Management also provides compliance training, document destruction policies, and record retention schedule consulting services for all clients that need such services.

With on-site shredding, the company can arrive at a dealership at a designated and scheduled time. After collecting designated paper from designated, lockable shred bins at the dealership, those records are shredded on the spot by a mobile shred truck. Commonwealth Document Management will set up a recurring schedule for your business every seven, 14, or 28 days depending on the volume of paperwork a dealership produces and needs shredding. The shredded paper is baled and stored at its secure facility in Danville, until it is delivered to a paper mill to be recycled.

 The company is AAA-certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, which means it meets the highest standards for document security and data privacy. That includes vetting its employees to maintain the confidentiality of all documents; in fact, one condition is that employees do not look at any of the paper being shredded. Having an outside vendor take care of document management – following industry best practices – can provide greater protection for a business at a reasonable cost, he noted.

For customers that opt for on-site shredding, Giannini says that dealership staff members are welcome to observe the document collection and destruction process to ensure proper protocols are followed. All communication is done digitally for each transaction. Once the dealership validates with an online signature that the job was completed satisfactorily, Commonwealth Document Management automatically sends an invoice and a certificate of destruction for the dealership’s risk management and insurance records.

Commonwealth Document Management is based in Virginia and operates in every part of the state. For more information, reach out to Giannini at rgiannini@chhcgroup.com.