Our Standing on EVs and Upcoming Virginia Legislation

January 4, 2021

Late last month, VADA sent the below letter to leaders in Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate, making clear our position on upcoming legislation that would adopt California’s vehicle emissions standards in the Commonwealth. In addition to greenhouse gas regulations to facilitate a cleaner environment, the legislation includes a requirement that manufacturers "deliver for sale" an increasing number of electric vehicles on dealers' lots each year.

We want to be abundantly clear: Virginia’s nearly 500 new car and truck dealers fully support adoption of EVs. We also understand that these vehicles inspire a new way of thinking about transportation, and we support a cleaner environmental future. However, we believe the Commonwealth must do more to support EVs and increase demand for these innovative vehicles, especially when they account for less than 2% of all automobiles sold in Virginia. "Deliver for sale" does not mean "demand" for sale, and inventory that does not sell creates significant risk for dealers.

Our position was developed with the input of the VADA Board of Directors, with special thanks to the leadership of Chairman Tom Bates and the VADA Executive and Legislative committees.