Staff Profile: Kathie Naylor, Integrum Advisors

This is the first in a series of profiles of VADA and Integrum Advisors team members. With these profiles, we ask them to share a story — funny, touching, insightful, or meaningful. Here’s Kathie.

Kathie with husband Rob.

“I was a divorced, single mother of three small children when I met my second husband. He had never had any children and loved kids. We dated for a while and he embraced my kids as his own. He made me realize that there are good men out there who are great fathers. That was a big turning point in my life: to trust him. My father was diagnosed with ALS when I was 16, and I lost him when I was 22. I was the only daughter; I have three brothers, and my dad was everything to me. I trusted him with everything, and when he died, it was hard for me to trust another man. I’m still a very independent person, and I feel like I can take care of myself whether business or personal matters, but I have this guy now who I lean on all the time. I never realized I needed another person until I met him. And I think he makes me a better person. We are going on 17 years of marriage.”

Best business advice:

“Being proactive and very responsive. Truly and honestly, when I meet with new clients or I meet with existing clients, that’s what they always say. They appreciate someone being available, responsive, and getting thorough answers to their questions. You have to be there for them. It’s more important than anything.”


  • Three grown sons
  • Wife of Rob
  • Lives in Midlothian
  • Tennis player (“not a fantastic one”)
  • Loves organizing
  • UR Spider
  • Enjoys Scott’s Addition breweries (when they aren’t impacted by a pandemic)
  • Is highly involved with the Virginia Association of Health Underwriters

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Kathie's sons at a local brewery in Richmond.