Dealer Transactions Update

Effective Jan. 1, all dealers using CSCs and DMV dealer centers will begin using auto auctions (located in Fredericksburg and Harrisonburg) for the manual processing of title and registration work.
Previously, DMV listed three approved auto auctions. However, at this time, only two of the auto auctions will begin processing title transactions in January.
In an effort to keep DMV's commitment to the dealer community and provide three support locations, the agency has taken several actions (see letter below), and will permit work to be temporarily mailed to DMV's Military Circle Dealer Center in Norfolk. All dealers are strongly encouraged to participate in the online program and use auto auctions for any remaining work that cannot currently be processed.
The auto auction locations are:
Manheim Fredericksburg
120 Auction Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Manheim Harrisonburg
3560 Early Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
The DMV Military Circle Dealer Center in Hampton Roads will permit work to be mailed to the location for processing, but will not permit work to be dropped off. The mailing address is:
Military Circle Dealer Center
5745 Poplar Hall Drive
Norfolk, VA 23502-3813
Click the button to see the letter sent to all dealers last week.