Building Relationships That Work for You

Earlier this month, VADA’s legislative team met with Sen. David Marsden, incoming chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Senator Marsden is the incoming Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.  We are fortunate to have known and become friends with the Senator over many years.  He served in the House of Delegates from 2006 to 2010 and has represented the 37th Senate District—encompassing parts of Fairfax County—since 2010.

Senator Marsden is a pro-business legislator.  Beyond that, he cares very much about you, your stores, the employees you represent, and the communities you serve. This recent meeting came about when the Senator, to his credit, expressed a desire to obtain a greater understanding of your businesses and our industry.

When we met, we provided the Senator with a general overview of the automotive industry in Virginia and, specifically, as it pertains to the Commonwealth’s franchised dealer community.  That included discussion of the benefits of franchise laws for consumers, manufacturers, communities, and the free market.  We talked about how the franchise system promotes competition and protects consumers.  We also discussed the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and our relationship with both entities.

Of course, we spoke about dealers’ relationships with manufacturers and how the General Assembly, in its wisdom, has chosen for fifty years to regulate that relationship in pursuit of a level playing field.  We mentioned how that levelling of power benefits consumers and the Commonwealth, through jobs created, tax revenue generated, and more.

We talked about hot button issues of the day, like how emerging companies and technologies impact the industry, consumers, and dealers.  We expressed openness to innovation, while advocating that the General Assembly passed laws for a reason and that everyone should have to play by the same set of rules.  The Senator was very receptive to all of the above.

We sincerely appreciate our continued relationship with Senator Marsden and look forward to his tenure as Senate Transportation Committee Chairman.