Partner Profile: MOC Mid-Atlantic

As members know, running an auto dealership – whether a single site or part of a group – is complex. That makes efficiency a critical part in managing both day-to-day operations and costs.

Enter MOC Mid-Atlantic, which offers two core and complementary services that it markets as “Maximizing Dealer Potential.” On the consulting side, MOC can provide the analysis to find opportunities that drive increased sales and revenue. On the operational side, the Powhatan-based company can help dealers save on expenses as their one-stop resource for supplies and materials needed to open and run the business every day.

“We have a pretty unique program to help dealers control costs,” Jeremy Kimsey, vice president and son of the founder.

MOC Mid-Atlantic, which picked up its first dealer client in 1999, is a family-owned business. That makes it a perfect match for many Virginia dealerships, which also have deep roots across generations.

“We can supply every consumable for fixed operations,” Kimsey said. His four siblings also have roles in the business, and his own son-in-law recently took over the service route that this father, Chuck Kimsey, once managed.

MOC works with a dealer to determine monthly supply needs, leading to a subscription-based service for a set cost. MOC can provide everything from degreaser solutions and absorbent mats in the service areas to glass cleaners and other supplies needed to prepare both used and new autos for their owners.

“We listen to our customers. We learn what dealers want and what they are looking for,” Kimsey said. “Then we adjust to bring it to them.”

As a VADA partner for the past decade, MOC delivers services at a discount to members. Learn more here.