ASE Education Foundation & Career Paths

Virginia’s Automotive Technology Partnership

A career in automotive technology is both rewarding and lucrative!

Highly-skilled technicians are in great demand and have employment opportunities in any community or location. Our ASE partnership helps:

  • Students in their search for a high paying and rewarding career
  • Educators in their search for tools to improve their automotive technology programs
  • Dealerships in their search for better trained entry-level technicians.

This partnership between the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association, the Virginia Department of Education, ASE Education Foundation, and the National Automobile Dealers Association is a pioneering program which brings together educators, administrators and dealers in preparing today’s students for their future careers in automotive technology.

Since 2013, the ASE program has grown from 6 manufacturer supporters to over 34 supporters. As of 2017, Virginia’s ASE program was ranked #3 in the entire United States. Since 2013 the Virginia ASE program has placed over 400 students into technical careers. None of this would be possible without support from the Virginia Department of Education, particularly George Wilcox, Acting Director for CTE Service, and Anthony Williams, Specialist Trade and Industrial Education and Related Clusters.

Become a Mentor

Virginia’s ASE Education Partnership excels because it provides students with internship opportunities during the summer between their Junior and Senior year. But to provide those opportunities we need Mentors!

Contact Steven Hoffman today at or 804.836.6892 to find out how you can start a great career in automotive technology or how you can make a real difference in a young person’s life by being a Mentor!