2023 Legal and Legislative Update

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Hundreds of members from Virginia's franchised new car and truck dealerships tuned in this week to our 2023 Legal and Legislative update. The VADA legal and legislative team covered several topics, including the latest franchise issues and your protections, building a sales and F&I compliance process to counter an increasingly aggressive FTC, federal personnel policy changes, and more.

You can watch the full presentation here, and below it, we've broken up the 1.5-hour webinar into specific topics that were covered by the team. At the bottom of this page, view/download all of the documents reviewed during the event.

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VADA Legal & Legislative Team

  • Don Hall, VADA President and Chief Lobbyist
  • Anne Gambardella, Esq. VADA EVP and General Counsel
  • Ralston King, VADA VP, Legislative Affairs
  • Mike Charapp, Esq., Mahdavi, Bacon, Halfhill, & Young, PLLC, VADA General Counsel
  • Barrett Charapp Beaty, Esq., Mahdavi, Bacon, Halfhill, & Young, PLLC, VADA General Counsel
  • Meade Spotts, Esq., Spotts Fain, VADA Legislative Counsel
  • Greg Habeeb, Esq., Gentry Locke, VADA Legislative Counsel
  • Tim Pohanka, VADA Legislative Chair
  • Liza Borches, VADA Chair

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