Workplace Restrictions Being Lifted in Virginia

February 17, 2022

COVID-19 Workplace Restrictions No Longer Enforced

As a result of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Executive Order No. 6, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s ”Full Permanent Standard” for certain workplaces, including most dealerships, is in the process of being revoked.

While there are a few technical steps before the revocation is officially in place, the Administration has stated they will not enforce the standard while the process is completed (you can see the requirements of the standard here). This means Virginia dealerships no longer need to comply with the workforce standard for COVID-19, including:

  • No COVID-19 reporting requirements 
  • No mandated masks for employees
  • While vaccines are recommended and encouraged, they are not mandated
  • No required regular disinfecting related to COVID-19
Virginians should still protect their health and the health of others, especially if exposed to or infected with COVID-19. The Virginia Department of Health offers guidance on when to stay home, when to wear a mask, and when to isolate or quarantine.
As a business, you have the option and right to set your own guidelines, such as a masking policy for employees and customers. And the Centers for Disease Control offers information around workplace vaccination clinics, cleaning, and more.