A Message from Don Hall

Join our fight in advocating for our industry

 Use VADA's new Action Center to weigh in on issues impacting your business

January 2022

The General Assembly is underway, and your team at the VADA has been working at the State Capitol fighting for dealers across Virginia.

And we could use your help.

We’re launching a new tool this month, the VADA Action Center, that will help you lend your voice to ours and allow you to keep tabs on the legislation we’re pushing on your behalf.

In the Action Center, you’ll find a quick description of each piece of legislation we’re working on along with details on how to reach your legislator.

You don’t need to spend the day at the General Assembly to make a difference. You can use the Action Center to find out how to call or write to your local delegate and state senator about the issues impacting your store.

It only takes a couple of minutes (we also provide pre-written letters that you can edit with your own thoughts), and it truly helps our cause when elected officials hear from their constituents.

One critical piece of legislation we’re supporting is a measure (SB 216/HB259) that would help fix the inequity caused by manufacturers systematically underpaying dealers for warranty and recall repairs.

It’s the auto maker’s responsibility to foot the bill for those repairs, and it has been for decades. But as many of you are aware, manufacturers shortchange dealers by artificially lowering the repair cost through various means, such as underestimating the time it takes to fix the issue and not paying our regular retail labor rate.

We’re hoping to change that with this legislation so we can ensure that we get paid what we’re owed.

We’re also keep tabs on legislation that would bring penalties against culprits who conspire to steal catalytic converters. This is an increasing common crime, says the Associated Press, as thieves nab these auto parts that are prized for the precious metals they contain. Our dealers are among the victims of this crime, and we’re watching to see how the bill progresses.

As the legislative session unfolds, the VADA team will also be pushing for policies and seeking state money to support the adoption of electric vehicles through EV buying incentives and building up Virginia’s electric charging network. We're asking the General Assembly and Gov. Youngkin for $40 million in on-the-hood rebates. You can also read more about a permanent fix to the Virginia Overtime Wage Act.

Keep an eye out as we add bills and issues to the Action Center in coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned and take action. Together, we’ll move our industry forward.

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