VADA/Integrum Profile: Sam Tetterton

Integrum’s Sam Tetterton guides employees to the best benefits for them

This is one of a series of profiles of VADA and Integrum Advisors team members. We ask them to tell us a story – something funny, touching insightful or meaningful.

As an enrollment specialist with Integrum Advisors, Sam Tetterton helps employees get signed up for healthcare, dental and other benefits so they can take care of themselves and their families.

Sam started his job with Integrum on March 1. Before Integrum, he was a door-to-door pest control services salesman and a Spanish teacher at Midlothian High School.

He says that background has served him and clients well, as he educates them about the aspects of their benefits coverage that aren’t as strong as they could be.

Sam became fluent in Spanish while he was a missionary for two years in Mexico.

Let’s meet Sam:

“I help people get enrolled for their benefits. I will go in and talk to them about what their needs are, and we’ll find the right plan for them. We’re there to answer any questions they might have.

I wanted this job because it’s fast-paced and has good hours. I like the hybrid of being a salesperson and being an advisor helping people out.

A lot of people don't understand what their benefits are, or they don't know how it works. I'm able to be there and be the expert to help walk them through everything. If I see something in their plan that's lacking — say they have a really high deductible and they need supplemental coverage so they're not paying too much out-of-pocket —I can educate them on the benefits of adding another plan on top of what they have.

We want everybody to be covered, and we want them to feel appreciated with the coverage they receive. We do our best to keep the rates low, and we do our best to make sure we can cover as much as we can.

There are three things that I consider the major experiences in my life that molded me into the person I am today. Living in Mexico for two years was my first experience being away from home. I learned a new language and experienced a new culture. With door-to-door sales, you have to be persistent and be very polite. Teaching taught me how to be a professional and work with others."

Best piece of business advice

"Be upfront with people and don’t beat around the bush. Have an end goal for every conversation and let that goal be stated very clearly at the beginning so there’s no misunderstandings. You just have to be crystal clear, transparent, and nonchalant about everything."

About Sam

  • He has a twin brother, Kyle.
  • Sam and his wife, Sarah, are approaching their 1-year anniversary in August. They enjoy traveling to Florida and around the Hampton Roads area.
  • He was an offensive tackle and offensive guard for the football team at Southern Virginia University, where he graduated in 2019.