VADA Group Self-Insurance Association launches new smartphone app

VADA GSIA has developed and launched a new smartphone app for its members.

Available on Google Play and the Apple store, the app has three functions:

  • Speed up claims reporting time.
  • Provide an instant safety inspection.
  • Facilitate the creation of a safety reward program in dealerships.

The primary purpose of the app is to speed up claims reporting. The data is very clear that claims reported more than 5 days after an accident cost an average of 40% more than claims filed within 5 days. This is because claims filed quickly allow the insurer to begin managing the claim and associated costs more quickly.

The breakdown in claims delays is often between the manager and the HR department. The manager will often complete a First Report of Incident form, but it won’t be sent to HR immediately. With this app, a manager can begin the claim filing on the smartphone and it will alert HR so they can begin the filing process immediately.

Another feature is the built-in safety inspection. Many dealerships perform safety inspections, but they aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for. The app has a built-in safety inspection checklist of 25 questions which guide the person doing the inspection through the process.

The last feature is a “Caught You” feature. This allows managers to catch an employee doing something right and immediately notify HR. For dealerships with employee rewards programs, it will prove a valuable tool. It also has the ability to track things observed that were negative, as well as how they were corrected, so the dealership can watch for patterns.

Together, these three features of the app will improve dealership safety, reduce claim filing times, and ultimately lower premiums. VADA GSIA members should watch for more information in the near future.