Employment Practices: Q & A

As in many car business matters, answers to questions personnel may have about employment matters may not be easy. Here are questions whose answers may surprise you. You can find the answers HERE. 83949139

  1. The National Labor Relations Board enforces the National Labor Relations Act that regulates relations between employers and unions. My dealership is not unionized in any department. I do not have to worry about the NLRB. True or False?
  1. Every dealer must have a social media presence if they want to do business today. Our employees are active on social media. We encourage that. However, it is only common sense that we don’t want them to make comments that negatively affect the company’s reputation or brand. We can use that limitation. True or False?
  1. If the goal is to allow employees freedom to discuss employment matters, we may not have a requirement in our social media policy that requires employees to identify themselves in their post. True or False?
  1. We want to make sure that our employees’ social media posts are professional. We include a prohibition of language inappropriate in polite conversation. We may include this in our social media policy. True or False?
  1. We know about the special exception from the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements for auto dealer salesmen, mechanics, and partsmen. Our parts drivers just deliver parts sold and picked by others. We should not consider them partsmen exempt from premium overtime. True or False?
  1. A female employee filed a complaint that her supervisor has been harassing her. We investigated it thoroughly. There is no witness or co-employee who supports her claim. The dealership has determined it to be groundless. Her allegations disrupted the dealership. Because we have concluded that the charges are groundless, we can take disciplinary action against her to discourage future groundless complaints. True or False?
  1. We feel the best way to determine whether employees are working the hours required is to have them punch a time clock. Some of our commissioned employees are objecting.We feel we must do this to protect the company. True or False?
  1. I hired a new sales manager. He wanted a minimum pay guarantee for six months. I met him at the local diner, and we scratched out a pay plan on a napkin which stated his rate of pay and a minimum pay guarantee for six months. The manager did not work out. I fired him after one month. He is claiming his pay for the remaining five months. The dealership is not obligated to pay him. True or False?
  1. The customers to whom our employees sell vehicles are their customers. We give them documents to keep with substantial identifying information for each customer when the deal is done so the salespeople can follow up with their customers. We can continue to do this. True or False?
  1. We have some disgruntled employees who have taken to wearing pins on their work shirts to express dissatisfaction with working conditions. We are concerned about this practice since the buttons may catch on or scratch a vehicle. We have prohibited wearing pins. We can do this. True or False?