Virginia Automobile Dealers Association Staff

Don Hall

President & CEO 804.545.3004

Jason Wilson

General Manager 804.545.3010

Anne Gambardella, Esq.

Chief In-house Counsel 804.545.3006

Thomas Lukish, III, Esq.

Director of Legal & Legislative Affairs 804.545.3028

Michael Burch, CPA

Chief Financial Officer 804.545.3019

Connie Eddy

Accounting Assistant 804.545.3003

Natalie Toler, IOM

Dir. of Meetings & Education, Dir. of Membership & PAC Coordinator 804.545.3035

John Anderson

Director of IT 804.545.3008

Pat Martin

Senior Regional Field Representative 804.762.2112

Bill Carrico

Senior Regional Field Representative 804.381.9967

Bob Owen

ASE State Manager 804.283.0176