Virginia Automobile Dealers Association Staff

Don Hall

President & CEO 804.545.3004

Anne Gambardella, Esq.

Director of Legislative & Legal Affairs 804.545.3006

Jason Wilson

General Manager 804.545.3010

Michael Burch, CPA

Chief Financial Officer 804.545.3019

John Anderson

IT Specialist 804.545.3008

Tucker Bloom

Director of Public Affairs 804.545.3024

Kaitlin Carlyle

Communications Specialist 804.545.3024

Lee Gonzalez

Senior Regional Field Representative 804.516.0411

Connie Gormus

Accounting Assistant 804.545.3003

Thomas Lukish, III, Esq.

Legal and Legislative Affairs 804.545.3028

Pat Martin

Senior Field Representative 804.672.2112

Bob Owen

AYES State Manager 804.283.0176

Colin Royster

Senior Regional Field Representative 804.545.3013

Natalie Toler, IOM

Dir. of Meetings & Education, Dir. of Membership & PAC Coordinator 804.545.3035