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Your Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers Political Action Committee is a critical element of our legislative success.  And the success of your PAC depends on you!

Your PAC supports candidates, both incumbents and candidates, who demonstrate a willingness to listen to our concerns and understand our industry.

The Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers PAC allows dealers and supporters of our industry from across the Commonwealth to speak with a single, loud voice.  As a major contributor to Virginia campaigns, your PAC demonstrates to elected officials the importance of your issues to all Virginia dealers.

But your PAC is only as strong as the dealers who support it!  Every Virginia dealer has benefited tremendously from the legislative efforts of Team VADA.  There is no doubt that without the efforts of Team VADA, automobile retailing in Virginia would be a very different and more challenging industry.

Please Support your PAC today! Help us help you!

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I am interested in doing my part to support our legislative efforts!  I would like to pledge at the level indicated below. 
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Governors Club : $2,000 initial contribution; $1,500 following years
Senate Club : $1000 annual contribution
House Club : $750 annual contribution
Patron : $500 annual contribution

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