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Mythbusters: FTC Used Car Rule

For more than a decade, the FTC considered revisions to the Used Car Rule. On November 18, 2016, it published the final revisions that went into effect on January 27, 2017. The revised rule provided for a new buyer’s guide that was optional for a year and mandatory effective January 27, 2018. We write frequently

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DeFanging the CFPB

During the Obama administration, the CFPB spent considerable time, money, and effort to establish itself as a feared dismantler of traditional methods of doing business by important financial institutions. Despite the 2016 election results, Director Cordray proclaimed his defiance of the new President’s goals to end the culture of dismantling. When Director Cordray left the

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Dealership Real Estate Lease

Include a Waiver of the Landlord’s Lien Common law gave a landlord a lien to sell abandoned personal property left on rented or leased premises by a former tenant to cover unpaid rent or damages to the property. Over the years, states have enacted statutes codifying the lien and including limitations. In Virginia, the statutes

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