About Us


The Virginia Automobile Dealers Association represents franchised new car and truck dealers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Formed by dealers in 1943 as the Automotive Trade Association of Virginia, the Association was a response the the challenges facing dealers as a result of World War II.  At the time dealers could not get vehicles to sell or parts for repairs.  Eight of Virginia’s dealers served as elected officials in the Virginia Legislature at the time and recognized the importance of joining together in order to prepare for the post-war economy.  The Association was renamed in the early 1970’s.

In addition to advocacy on behalf of dealers in the legislature, with regulators, and with manufacturers, the second key component of their vision was joining together to obtain economies of scale in the purchasing of products and services such as insurance.

Today, VADA remains true to those core purposes.  VADA is one of the most successful and influential lobbying groups in Virginia. In the past decade we have made enormous strides in strengthening Virginia’s laws to protect dealers from unfair trade practices.

And Virginia Automobile Dealers Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VADA, represents more franchised new car & truck dealers than any other insurance agency in the Commonwealth.

And all profit earned through our Dealers Services and Insurancy Agency activities are returned to the dealers through the support of VADA programs.  When you buy from Team VADA, you buy from yourself!